What are we talking about? Generally, each apartment block will have what is called a resident management company (RMC). There are also different set-ups so you’ll need to liaise with us about your own building. Each apartment will be sold with a membership of the RMC. So, when you buy your flat you now have a right to be part of the RMC. The RMC is registered at Companies House and so is an actual company in the eyes of the law. Companies must have directors, and as a member, you can put yourself forward to be a director.

There is often confusion with apartment owners in terms of Revolution and the RMC. Let’s face it, company structures probably don’t form part of most people’s day to day life. So, what is this all about?

The RMC (remember, if you own the apartment you are part of this) chooses who manages the building (the property management company) (e.g. your RMC chooses Revolution to manage the building).

If you want to have an impact on the building, how it’s managed, its future expenditure and quality, then this is the role for you. If you have a single agenda (e.g. you want to have your windows replaced) then this isn’t the role for you as you have to give time to everyone’s issues, and often being a director will constrain your own point of view. Decisions when being a director have to be for the betterment of the majority at the site, and so decisions which benefit people solely could land that person in trouble.

If you are still interested, great. Have a read through the rest of this page and then contact your building manager. We have a form that every applicant has to complete, and this is then put before the directors at the next AGM for approval. Also, if you have more questions, please contact us.