Keep Warm This Winter

Revolution Property Management

As the dark nights draw in and winter approaches, there are things you can do to ensure you keep warm this winter and also keep those heating bills down. See our recent article for more information about your electricity supplier

Keep all your internal apartment doors closed, and if you have electric heating reduce it slightly in rooms not used often like guest bedrooms. Only heat the sections of your apartment or house you use. Again, also make sure that all corridor doors leading to your apartment are closed to create a barrier to the cold. 

Don’t forget to ensure that you use bathroom extractor fans and cooker hoods. This might sound wrong as you are extracting warm air from the apartment, but this air has condensation trapped. If you don’t vent your apartment you’ll end up with mould!

If possible, keep your window coverings, such as curtains or blinds, wide open on sunny days to let the winter sun warm your home. 

Apartments more than houses also benefit from the insulation of having other apartments around them. 

Winter also brings to mind a lovely warm bath, but did you know that turning down the heat of the water in the immersion tank can save vast amounts of electric and as such money without you noticing a difference? If you have an immersion (electric) tank that is on 24/7, have a timer fitted. You’ll save way more than the cost of the timer in the first year. 

All houses and apartments have different heating systems; Economy 7, gas boiler, electric wet heating, electric panel heaters, communal boilers, to name but a few. Talk to your neighbours about what works best for them to maximise your apartment’s performance through winter. 

Through winter make sure to keep an eye out for water leaks. With the vast amount of UK rain, trying to keep a damp living space warm costs more and creates condensation. This is not to mention the damage being caused. If you’re concerned about this, speak to your landlord or managing agent if you are the leaseholder. 

Finally, don’t forget to have all the heating appliances looked at and serviced each year. A poorly performing unit can cost money and be infective. Winter is all about being warm and toasty and we want you to enjoy the winter in your apartment or house.