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No signal

We have just taken over a very old building with no mobile phone signal inside for any network. This is due to the thickness of the walls. It got us thinking this can’t be the only building like this, so we’ve written a simple guide to help those with connectivity issues for their phones.

Do you have problems with a mobile phone signal in your apartment or house? There are a few options to help:

  • Change mobile phone network – If you are on T-Mobile, Orange or EE then try moving to O2 or Vodafone and vice versa. These groups operate on different frequencies. Be mindful of changing to make sure that you don’t change back on to the same network by accident. Virgin works on EE, as an example.
  • Why not buy a cheap pay as you go SIM card on the network you are thinking of moving to and then test this in your home. Better than signing up to a contract with all the pain of getting out of it.
  • Check with your mobile company. A lot now have a process to allow calls over your internet. You will have to turn this function on in your mobile phone settings. When you then make a call, instead of trying to reach a transmitter it will place the call on your broadband line. Not all networks support this.
  • Speak to your mobile network about a signal booster. These work along the same lines as point 3. They create a small transmitter which your phone will connect to and then the small transmitter will put the call to the network via your broadband.
  • Keep your battery fully charged. Your phone needs to keep a constant connection to the transmitter and if the phone is low on power it may not support this too well.
  • Call forward your mobile calls to your landline at home. It’s a bit of a fudge really, but instead of the call arriving on your mobile, it would then come in on your landline. You need to remember to take the call forward off when you leave home.
  • Enjoy the peace and quiet. If the call is that important they’ll call you on a landline. Have a bit of mindfulness time.

The above solutions work well for voice calls but not too well for data as you’re expected to have broadband for the data connection issues.

Hopefully, the above might help keep you a little more connected and in touch. A good starting point is to try and talk with your network (or do an online chat with them). I’m sure they don’t want you to leave either.

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