Princess House

Revolution took over the management of Princess House in 2007. From day one this was a story of problem solving, hard work and an enduring relationship between Revolution and the leaseholders. It’s proof that longstanding problems can be overcome, and that a development in difficulty can be turned around.

The story

The residents of Princess House were having a really difficult time with their previous managing agent. The building is 11 stories high with one lift, which had been out of service for 12 months! There was also a major water leak that had been running from the 5th floor for over 12 months. The damage was considerable. As the developer was still in control of the management company, the residents needed help and guidance in the transfer of control of the resident management company to themselves.

The solution

We started the process by holding a residents forum and getting as many people as possible on board with the proposed changes. Revolution helped arrange an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), which succeeded in giving the owners control and the power to manage their building. Once the owners were in charge, they replaced the previous managing agent with Revolution. A plan of action was drawn up and regular meetings held to discuss where we were against the plan of action.


  • The lift which had not worked for 12 months was recommissioned and is happily running to this day.
  • The floor to 9th floor glazing on the staircase was removed and refitted as it was breaking away from the building.
  • The water leaks from 5th Floor which could not be located was found within 4 hours and stopped.
  • The building had suffered £300,000 of damage from the water leak on 5th floor, Revolution negotiated with insurers to cover the cost.
  • 9 months of moving people in and out of the building saw the £300,000 of work come to an end.
  • CCTV was installed and the car park shutter replaced


Princess House remains one of our biggest successes. The previous agent had allowed the building to seriously deteriorate. Revolution invested time and effort and succeeded in securing a bright future for the development and its owners and residents. It shows what can be achieved when an agent is committed to its customers. Princess House is now a highly sought after development with properties only on the market for very short periods. It is a shining example that a good agent makes a good development.

"Within a few weeks RPM had solved problems, which their predecessors hadn't managed to do in over two years."

- Tim Greening-Jackson, Director Princess House Management Co Ltd

“Revolution Property Management (RPM) took the problems in hand immediately and agreed a programme of works which were carried out very effectively and quickly. The residents and directors were kept well informed throughout and within a few weeks RPM had solved problems, which their predecessors hadn't managed to do in over two years. They also got on top of the bad debt problem and within three months it had been pretty much eliminated and Princess House Management Limited's finances were suddenly better than they had ever been. Interestingly, given that RPM's purchasing seems pretty slick the service charge has actually gone down since RPM have taken over.”

Tim Greening-Jackson Director Princess House Management Co Ltd
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