Do you work in property management maintenance?

At Revolution, we have a strict process of vetting contractors to work at our buildings. Good property management starts with great contractors. We have an application process covering insurance, references, history, etc. As we don’t employ our own contractors we have the ability to always choose the best person for the right job every time.

Our pool of contractors ranges from one person companies through to nationwide organisations. We have a keen desire to employ local companies where possible so that the service charge funds go back into the local economy. Where an item is highly specialised we sometimes can’t do this, but in the main our ethos remains local.

In terms of work allocation, we expect our contractors to sign a contract of engagement for all planned works over £500 in cost. This will scope out the actual work to be done and the terms that the contractor will complete these under. The aim is to remove confusion and allow the work to be signed off quickly from our side.