Parking Space

Car park

Firstly, you need to know if your apartment has a parking space. The lease for the apartment will confirm this but if you rent an apartment, you need to check with your landlord or letting agent. 

Next thing is, you need to know which space is yours. Some car parks allow you to park anywhere but most give you a specific space. It’s really annoying to find someone in your space and probably one of the highest things we have complaints about. Please ensure you park correctly.

What can I park in my space?

There are rules over what can be parked. The lease will advise on this. If you are about to buy or rent an apartment and you use a van for work, you will more than likely find these can’t be parked in your car space. Most leases don’t allow commercial vehicles. 

So, we know our space, we know what we can park in it, but what else can we do?

Well, you won’t normally be allowed to do any repairs to your car in your parking space. Again, there are good reasons for this, such as oil spillage on communal areas, additional risks from a vehicle in bits, etc. You also won’t be able to store anything else in your space as this is a communal parking area. 

Living in an apartment is great but it does come with some lifestyle differences to living in a house. The car park is probably the biggest difference as it has a number of rules to safeguard everyone using the space. 

So, in simple terms, you can park a standard car in a specific space and not do a great deal more. This will suit the majority of people but you need to make sure it suits you. Happy parking!