Move to Revolution, we will look after things for you…

At Revolution, we want to give you guidance on choosing a new property management company. Our competitors will tell you all about themselves. We want this process to be all about you. To take some of the concern out of contacting us, we thought you’d like to see who would be helping with your enquiry, and then possibly long-term the management of your site.

At Revolution, we have helped over 3000 people similar to you who wanted to move to a new property management company. We love managing buildings where the leaseholders (apartment owners) are in charge.

Through the process of migrating buildings from other managing agents to ourselves, we have built a takeover system which is second to none. Part of this has required us to put in place a team of people with different skill sets to ensure we don’t transfer the old problems into our management.

This team is highly trained in the Revolution way of doing things.

We try our best to always recruit our teams from different industries but with the unique transferable skills we need. We have historically found that people who come from other property management companies always come with bad habits that don’t meet the Revolution ethos.

So, meet the team that you will potentially have contact with should you start discussions with Revolution.

Meet Anand