Furry friends, who doesn’t love them?

Pets come with responsibilities but are you even allowed one? What do you mean, am I allowed one?

Well, most apartments and some houses are owned by what is called a lease (leasehold) and these leases come with rules to be followed including rules around pets. Some leases will say pets are okay; others you need permission or they are not allowed full stop.

I’m buying my home and I have a pet

The first question to ask the estate agent is, are pets allowed? Don’t take their word as the final answer. Find out who the managing agent for the apartment or house is and ask them the question. Do this before you appoint a solicitor to do the conveyancing to save you wasted expenditure. If they say yes, proceed with your purchase but make sure your solicitor also asks that question. 

I live in an apartment/house and I want a pet

Two points here. If you’re about to rent a house or flat but have a pet or intend on having one, check this before signing your rental agreement. It is no defence to get a pet after you’ve signed. Check it out first. 

If you already live in your home then you need to ask your landlord for permission. They must get permission from the managing agent, etc.

What if I just get the pet?

This is a dangerous route to go down. Without permission, you can be made to re-house the pet along with the legal costs of making you do this. If you’re a tenant, you could have your rental agreement terminated and be made to move out.

Consult your lease first

This can be confusing sometimes as they are often in legal language. If this is the case, then ask your managing agent if they allow pets. Always adhere to the lease. This is the one occasion where asking for forgiveness after getting the pet won’t work. You could be made to re-house your beloved pet if you get this wrong! It’s also really unsettling as you become attached to your furry friend and them to you. 

I rent my property

When you move into a new leasehold property, a landlord is allowed to ask whether you have pets or not. If the answer is yes, some landlords may say no, as there might be a no pets clause in the lease. This is due to the risk of damage to the property.

Save yourself any problems and follow the right process at the start.