Property management can be quite complex with the majority of things which need to be done for a building being completed on a scheduled basis. As an example, we know that the building insurance contract has to be renewed each year as does the electricity, lifts, etc.

It is the small things that can be harder to manage and that is why we’ve invented the Property Management Reminders System for site staff. As an example, you might report the cleaners are forgetting to clean the intercom panel and as such it’s dirty. We chase the cleaner who then carries out the task, but six months later it’s dropped off the cleaners’ radar and is dirty again. After one report you shouldn’t have to raise anything with us again. 

These really important small tasks need a management system of their own and in MyRevolution they now have this.

In MyRevolution your building manager can now plan these tasks and MyRevolution will then on a set date (the date can be set to whatever frequency is required) send the staff on site an email with full instructions of what is required. The site staff then action the email within a set timeframe and then reply back to confirm the task is completed or potentially something else needs to happen.

“If there is something you’d like us to add to Property Management Reminders for your building, please let your building manager know”

In our office, these responses are then collated and actioned if work is required or closed as completed. Nothing gets missed going forward as everyone is working on the same schedule of activities.

This system can be used for a small quantity of tasks through to having a complete cleaning schedule with activities by day listed and monitored. The system produces reports which then aid the building managers in their reviews and site management.