Questions about property management


Do you have any questions about property management?

We try our best to produce a news article each week on different subjects. This does become more difficult as we don’t want to simply re-post old articles, but new subjects in property management can be thin on the ground. Please don’t ask any questions about Brexit as we have no clue either!

Let us know if there are things that confuse you or you’d like to understand better. We can then put these together and have the correct people within Revolution answer them. The article can be posted here for everyone to benefit from.

Ever wondered how a budget is created for your building or how we handle an issue? Ever wondered how much CO2 your apartment uses, what you could do to reduce your carbon footprint or how to get on better with a neighbour? You can ask things not related to your building and we’ll try and answer.

Please let us have your ideas and thoughts to

It also helps us to know what you think of the articles we do write. Any feedback always helps. We do internally look for articles from incoming calls and events, and anything that we can do to generate more news articles that people want the better.

Thank you for reading this, and we hope you can help us further with future news and info.