If you are currently unhappy with your existing property manager / management company you may be looking to appoint a new company to replace them. This can be fairly straightforward, but for some buildings the options are limited by the terms of the lease of each apartment. This often leads people only with the option of completing a process called Right to Manage.

Revolution have helped a number of buildings understand and also implement the process of Right to Manage. We are here to help you do the same.

ARMA, who are our governing body, have written a great article on this process What is “Right to Manage”.

So where do you start?

There are a number of technicalities to understand before you can decide if Right to Manage will work for your building. By contacting Revolution we will come and have a no obligation meeting to explore your options and to give some advice on a pathway forward. Right to Manage may not actually be right for your building.

We recently did this process for Lancaster House who approached us to help them gain control of their building. We are now building their plans for the future in coordination with newly appointed directors of the building. This is a really exciting time for Lancaster House as their current agent was based down south making the management of the building difficult and disjointed.