Have you ever broken a window in your property and wondered if the service charge you pay covers it or had a water leak and wondered who has to pay the damages? At Revolution, we’ve made this simpler for you with access to a searchable lease.

Every property in the UK has a lease. The lease sets out who will do what and for who. It sets out the extent of things covered by service charge and the things which you may have to pay on top of this. It will detail the days you pay your service charge and ground rent along with loads more. Every lease is different and originally it used to take our teams quite an amount of time to assess every request. Off the back of their requests for a quicker system we designed the electronic search system for the lease.

It proved such a hit internally that we thought you as the owner of the property could also use the electronic searchable lease system.

Now you can find out quickly what’s in your lease. When customers contact our office, in seconds we can also advise them with complete knowledge on every property we manage. No more waiting for your agent to read the lease sections and get back to you. Your question is answered there and then.