Single-use plastic

Single-use plastic

With single-use plastic very much on everyone’s minds at the moment, we need to all take stock.

We are addicted to single-use plastic but we all need to make an effort to stop using it. Now. Only a small percentage is recycled, and it takes hundreds of years to break down.

Choose alternatives where you can:

• Start using those bags for life – leave them in the car boot or at the front door so you remember to take them with you. Say no to plastic carrier bags.

• Buy a water bottle that can be filled from the tap – after the initial outlay of the reusable bottle, it will save you money on plastic bottled water and help the environment.

• Buy a reusable cup that can be used in participating cafes or fill it up at home before you leave for work which will also save you money.

• Buy a reusable box instead of using cling film to wrap your lunch.

• Keep empty glass jars and use those to store leftovers, for example.

• Shop consciously. Be aware of what you are buying and the packaging it comes in. Where possible, choose loose fruit and veg. Shop local, and if you’re fortunate enough to have a greengrocer then go there for your fruit and veg where it is likely to be sold loose rather than in single-use plastic.

• Try bar soaps and shampoos.

• Say no to plastic pint glasses – the beer tastes dreadful in them anyway.

The carbon footprint for producing plastic is massive.

Have a go on this plastic calculator to calculate your plastic footprint:

Plastic Calculator

A lot of plastic still cannot be recycled in the UK such as yoghurt pots and margarine tubs. Think before you buy. If a container can be reused, such as from a takeaway, give it a rinse and use it again.

Have a read here about how some plastics are recycled:

There is so much plastic rubbish floating around the ocean and it is killing birds and wildlife. It is unsightly on our landscapes and plastic packaging is taking over our planet.

We need to take action now. Reduce your use today.