You can ask us for a comparison of what your building is paying in insurance at the bottom of this page!

We’ve spoken with many properties over the years where they have felt that the cost of insuring their building was too high. It might be worth explaining how building insurance works.

Building cover / Terrorism cover / Contents cover

Buildings cover normally insures the structure of the building from perils such as water leaks, subsidence and fire. Terrorism covers you for things which could happen to the building due to an act of terrorism. Contents is not covered by your property management company and you need to put this in place yourself.

What’s included in my service charge?

Buildings cover and also terrorism.

Who insures the building?

Normally either the freeholder or your property management company.


Did you know the company that places your insurance can add up to 40% to the premium cost for their own commission. It’s quite normal for the company placing the insurance to be paid up to 10% for their time in managing the insurance claims and working to reduce future insurance costs, etc. The First Tier Property Tribunal appears to accept below 10% as normal practice.

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    We have over 13 years of experience in the market place. If you give us some details we’ll tell you what we believe your insurance costs should be. This is only a guide and not a firm proposal. It is based on a number of assumptions blended with our own knowledge.