The board of directors kindly invited Revolution to tender for the management contract at The Residence.

This we have done, and we’d now like to provide you, as a leaseholder, with information about ourselves and our management style.

At Revolution, our management ethos is to be open and transparent in all your day to day contact with us. Once your MyRevolution account goes live in our customer portal, you will see details of all maintenance contracts for the site through to every contact you personally have with us using our unique communication system. We have built this unique customer tool from our knowledge of what leaseholders and residents want to see most frequently.

We are well placed when managing listed buildings. In our portfolio of buildings we have two churches, St Georges & St Marys, a flour mill, Worsley Mill, and a hospital, The Royal Salford. We understand the care and attention these buildings need when planning maintenance and repairs. We will design a 20-year maintenance program for items such as window painting, internal decoration, lighting replacement programs, etc. This is key to understanding the financial needs of your building.

As part of our takeover, we assess almost 500 different items to ensure they are giving you the best possible value for money. As an example, we will assess the cost of your building insurance policy. The team who oversee this project, has already noted an item for investigation in terms of how you should insure the building. Where the freeholder insures a site, we have driven these costs down considerably by assessing the marketplace on the costs being charged.

In terms of maintenance, we like to attract local contractors. We have a vetting process, but it’s key for us to have a group of local contractors working with your onsite team.

If you have any questions, please see the bottom of this page to contact us directly.