Move to Revolution, we understand your lease…

The starting point of any change of property management company is your property’s lease. This will tell you if the change to a new property management company can be done and how. It also tells us loads about how your building should operate and your obligations.

We have many years of experience in reading leases.

The lease is where solutions start. Anything we or you do must be allowed under the terms of the lease.  Don’t worry about trying to decipher the lease, we will do this for you for free.

One of the first questions we ask a prospective customer is if they have a copy of their lease. Not many people do, but at Revolution we have an account with the Land Registry and we will happily download you a copy of your lease for free (normally there is a £3 charge).

Complete the form below with your full postal address as we need this to do a search at the Land Registry. We will then supply you your lease by email.

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    Lease delivery is at Revolution’s discretion.

    In the buildings we manage every person can have a MyRevolution account. In your account is an electonic version of your lease. We’ve done this in a searchable format so that you can use it to locate answers. Internally our staff also use this when they are having conversations with you to advise you quickly of its contents and what it means.