Move to Revolution, we don’t employ maintenance staff…

When Revolution was originally started we employed a small team of maintenance people as we thought this would be the best way of giving the most efficient service. We were so wrong.

When we started tendering for new buildings we found that new buildings really didn’t like the property management company also invoicing for the maintenance. When listening to these people, you could really understand their concerns. They didn’t see this as being an efficient process but as a way for the property management company to take more money from their accounts.

We found people thought it wrong that we invoiced for repairs and so contract this all out.

Regardless of what needs repairing, we made the decision that the work was done by an external contractor, and as such an invoice from the contractor was better and easier to explain than an invoice from us.

It also comes with other benefits in as much as if we are unhappy with the quality of the work we don’t pay the contract until it’s resolved. If the work is completed by the property management company, are they going to really be inclined to not pay themselves? On top of this, property management is always peaks and troughs.

Either your maintenance staff can’t do all the work as there is just too much of it (e.g. after a storm), or they are standing around because there is no work. I’m sure any property management company with a workforce standing around would find work for them from somewhere.